Saturday, November 17, 2007

Daily Sketch #120

Heroes4Heroes Live Art

It's a bonus Saturday morning sketch! Today's sketch is brought to you by Heroes4Heroes which is a non-profit organization that sends portable media like comics, DVDs, music and more to our troops serving overseas. It's a very cool way that the comics community gives back to men and women in uniform. Last night they held a Live Art charity event at the Arlington Ballpark where comic artist created pieces of art while folks partied and bid on other auction items in a silent auction. At the end of the night the pieces were auctioned away. I saw pieces go for $200-$400 and even a few rare ones for over $1000. Towards the tail end of the evening I teamed up with the kickass Kody Chamberlain of Punks and Tag fame and we created the jam piece below. It felt great to be back in front of an easel!


Kody Chamberlain said...

That piece was a blast to do! Did they end up selling it?

Filip Sablik said...

Yep! I heard they sold it for somewhere around $300. I had a blast doing it as well!