Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Daily Sketch #118


D and I were watching a recent episode of Scrubs last night on the ol'Tivo and I lamented that this was the final season for this hilarious sitcom. I don' watch a lot of sitcoms anymore, I tend to prefer TV that tells an ongoing story and has some gravity to it. Other than the occasional Family Guy episode I think Scrubs may be the only sitcom I watch. It may be one of the consistently funny sitcom I've ever seen. Every character on that show has some appeal and is a comedic maestro.

Funniest bit from last night - the elevation of Snoop Dog Intern to Snoop Dog Attending and the mock Emmy Award ceremony by Doctor Cox... "And the winner is Dame Judy Dorian"... "Take that Tony Shaloub".

Awesomeness level on that show - way frickin' high.
My take on JD and Turk in honor of the show's final season.

By the by, I'm off to WizardWorld Texas tomorrow, so no promises on sketches for Thursday and Friday but I'll see what I can do.

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technogreek said...

I'm not a huge sitcom guy either, but I'm going to recommendations you check out How I Met Your Mother - it is the most consistently entertaining sitcom on TV, both you & D will love it. 2 Seasons out on DVD and with the writers strike, you'll totally be ready for the new eps by the time you're done. :)