Monday, November 05, 2007

Daily Sketch #111

Panel In Progress (More!)

Here's a the panel from Dead Inspector with David at a grave site coming together further. Oooo, progress!
In other news, I saw American Gangster this weekend and it was quite excellent. Both Denzel and Russell Crowe put out killer performances. I love Denzel as a bad guy because he always plays them with such depth. Another actor would have turned that role into a charactiture but in Denzel's hands it was a fully fleshed sympathetic character. Crowe also delivered a principled but quite flawed hero. The only negative I have is it was a bit on the long side. Solidly recommended.

And a great weekend retreated for writing with my boys Andy and John. It was excellent to take that much time to reconnect with them, brainstorm, and get writing done. Plus a fun roadtrip to NC and bad meals at local joints and a Cracker Barrel breakfast. C and B, boys. C and B.

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