Monday, February 11, 2008

Daily Sketch #170

My Head Hurt

Well it did this weekend when my head cold was in full effect. I'm feeling a bit better today and yesterday so I guess it's starting to clear up. In any case, this panel I finished up yesterday seemed apropos. Big ups to my prescription Tylenol/Sudafed cocktail and copious amounts of NyQuil. Love that big effing "Q" (go listen to Dennis Leary's seminal "No Cure for Cancer" album).
D and I did more wedding related stuff this weekend, including a consultatio with our chef for the reception who was awesome and seemed generally excited when I mentioned the concept of chocolate covered bacon to him. That food won't be at the wedding, but bacon will be involved believe you me We also went to a cake tasting, which after the disappointment last week was awesome. The cake was rich, thick and decadent. This was wedding cake and when the quote came in at 1/2 the first place we were pretty much in love. Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and almond pound cake with chocolate ganache and a layer of raspberry filling in between the two cake layers. Hell's yes.
We also got to see our friends (and my best man) Andy and Sandy and lovely "nephew" Sachin the Tank. It was awesome to hang out with them even if the Chinese food we had for lunch was nasty and the American Idol karaoke singing was painful. Much love to Sandy who reads my blog every day:)


sandy said...

Bacon!!! mmm...but covered in chocolate? never heard of that.
We had a great time and can't wait to see you in cali sometime.
And the only painful part of idol was your and andy's interpretation of that song but Celine has nothing on D and me :)

Love ya.

Danielle said...

Hey babe-- what happened to post 169??

Sandy-- I totally agree. We rocked! :oP