Monday, February 04, 2008

Daily Sketch #164

Unlike David We Get No Sleep

Another page in progress update from "Dead Inspector" as David 'listens' intently to his girl Ashley. Not that I endorse this kind of behavior or ever engage in it...

So this weekend we have D's sister and her infant neice visiting us. We're loving spending time with both of them and of course the little baby is the center of attention where ever we go. D is fighting a pretty severe sinus infection, so between coughing, trouble breathing, and crying baby in the wee hours of the night - sleep has not been a friend the past couple of nights. The strange part is I don't remember wakening a lot during the night, but still feel exhausted when I wake up. It's a nice little insight into future parenthood.

Also... Sarah Silverman is awesome. Enjoy.

And enjoy the new "Wanted" trailer which aired during the Super Bowl last night. I'm baised but I think it looks badass.

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