Friday, February 01, 2008

Daily Sketch #163

Detectives At Work Friday

Here's the detectives from Dead Inspector pow-wowing at a crime scene. Wonder what they're talking about?

I really like the way this panel composition worked out.

D and I watched the season premier of "Lost" last night and really dug it. It had a bunch of great "oh shit!" moments and it's about time Hurley got the spotlight again. All of the characters were on point and it was a great opener. Looking forward to the rest of the season (however much we end up getting). Plus with BKV on board as a writer this season I have high hopes!

I'm sitting in Panera this morning thanks to the torrential downpour hitting Baltimore right now. Thanks to some goofy ground wiring at my house and the Verizon battery backup system, I have no internet at home. But thanks to noise cancelling headphones I can pretend I'm not surrounded by gossiping seniors. Woot!

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