Friday, February 08, 2008

Daily Sketch #168

Cake Tasting
I spent much of last night working up 3-D background models in Google Sketchup for the recent Dead Inspector pages, so not a lot of drawing done last night and this morning. Google SketchUp is really neat and useful but like any other program there's a learning curve. I've gotten better already but it's still somewhat time consuming to get everything in place. Here's a panel in progress from this morning.

Last night D and I also went to our first wedding cake tasting at a place called "Sugar Bakers". It was fun, but "holy sheeeiiiite!" those are some crazy prices for baked goods. And to be honest, the cake wasn't that phenomenal. I'm a pie and ice cream guy myself and cake is usually a distant third or fourth choice for dessert for me, but even still I wasn't blown away. We have another one on Sunday and maybe that one will impress me enough to justify the ridiculous pricing.

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