Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Daily Sketch #62

I'm Back!

Did anyone notice I was gone?

So yeah, I totally failed in providing you guys with sketch content while I was in San Diego. I'd planned to get some sketches done the weekend before leaving and then posting them one per day while I was at the con. As it turned out I ended up working most of the weekend preparing for the con and sketch just didn't happen.

San Diego was a crazy whirlwind, filled with a ton of work, lots of fun, and more drinking than I do any other time of the year. It was great to hang out with friends at the show. Shout outs to Madeasy, Phil, Josh, Alyssa, Matt, Brandon, Mandy, and Adrian - you guys kicked butt at the booth. More shout outs to Marz, Mel, Rob, Al, Jim D, Malve, Blair, Troy, Susan, Jonah, Michael, and everyone else I forgot to mention. We had a great panel at the show, probably the best we've had since I've came on board. I didn't make it up to the diner with peanut butter burgers. There's always next year.

The sketch today came together pretty organically, I just started drawing a gesture not sure what I was going to do. It evolved into a picture of Mowgli from Fables stalking some prey. I read two Fables trades on the plane ride back catching myself up on the series. Mowgli played a significant role in the first one "Wolves".

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Danielle said...

You know I don't know who this is but I really love the drawing. I like the intensity in his expression, which is really fantastic considering its a profile. And I like the body language.
PS- I noticed you were back. :o)