Monday, August 27, 2007

Daily Sketch #73

Back From LA

D and I made it back from LA last night around 11pm. Which means that it was midnight by the time we got home and after 1am by the time we got to bed. Whew. Bit worn out this this morning, but the trip was well worth it. Ross and Johanna's wedding was beautiful and very intimate. The ceremony was at a church on Mulholland Drive which meant we got a great view of the hills and Valley. Plus it afforded D the opportunity to meet her very first celebrity - Colin Ferguson from "Eureka". He was incredibly friendly and nice even when we bugged him for a picture.
It's shaping up to be a very exciting week or two. While I was in LA, I was able to get two creative projects at work greenlit and I believe secure two artists for side projects of my own. I'm trying not to get too excited about any of it because experience says it could all fall apart during the process. Nonetheless the potential level this week is HIGH.
Oh, and new sketch of Steve from Dead Inspector.


technogreek said...

Can't wait to see these projects come to fruition bud! I guarantee their awesomeness level will be indescribable...

Filip Sablik said...

Thanks, Jim! I'm pretty stoked about all of the possibilities right now. Swing by in Baltimore and I'll show you some lettered pages from Dead Inspector. - filip