Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday mornin

Late on Sketch

Been working on the regular pages for "Dead Inspector" this weekend so I didn't have a chance to work up a Monday morning sketch. I figured I'd still post something. How about a weekend recap?
Friday: Superbad is superawesome. Funny as hell. Rude, crude, filled with filthy geekery. As my buddy Jim would say "Awesomeness level HIGH".
Saturday: I scored a perfect score in Guitar Hero 2. Sure it was on Easy, but I'm still braggin'. Also 2 weeks on the road make for a grueling bit of yardwork. And my push mower doesn't fare well against 6-8 inch weeds.
Sunday: Breakfast for dinner rocks. "Big Love" on HBO is great and under-rated. If loving Bill Paxton is wrong, I don't want to be right.
JC Vaughn and I met for a lovely Saturday morning breakfast to discuss "Dead Inspector" and we're pretty excited about how the project is coming together. Expect to see the first 12 or so pages on display at JC's table at the Baltimore Comicon. Curious publishers, please stop by.
And lastly, I leave you with a drawing from the late, great Mike Wieringo. Newsarama has a beautiful collection of creator and friend eulogies -


Lena Bekkholt said...

Nice blog:-)

technogreek said...

Superbad's awesomeness may have been unfathomable, I really dug it. Funny enough, I just watched Accepted last night and it was great, it features the same main guy from Superbad (Jonah Hill) but he's almost unrecognizable because how much bigger he is.

Anyway, I highly recommend you guys check it out. See you in a couple weeks bud!