Thursday, July 19, 2007

Daily Sketch #61

Die Hard David

Here's a quick sketch of David from Dead Inspector channeling some John McClane from Die Hard (no, I haven't seen the new one yet). I did this one entirely in ink really quickly without any real under-drawing in pencil.
D and I finished 4400 Season 3 last night and it was AWESOME. Seriously this series keep getting better and better with every season. Part of me is thinking that the other shoe has to drop at some point and they're going to jump the shark like every other serial TV series I've watched. I can't wait to start Season 4 though, we thought ahead and started Tivoing it a month or so back. Woot!

I'm off to NYC for a quick visit to Barnes and Noble today and then back tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to upload a sketch tomorrow upon my return. Then a short weekend and I'm off to LA and San Diego. Whew... I've determined I'd love traveling a lot more if I could teleport places. That would be sweet. Although I have to admit I enjoy being on a plane for 5 hours and not having anyone able to reach me. There's a certain freedom in that isolation.

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Tylar said...

I like the looseness