Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daily Sketch #55

Rough Day at the Office

Here's a sketch of Steve from Dead Inspector unwinding after a rough day at the office. And for my new friend Justin, he's wearing his sunglasses at night. Maybe I'll add David tomorrow.

As a confessional bloggy side note, I don't have that many rough days at the office anymore. Few days where I end the day thinking "what's the point?" In fact, I'm happy to say that after almost a year at the new job, I'm still loving it. I get pretty psyched about what I'm doing every week and get fired up when something works out the way I envision. I feel like I have an impact in my place of work and like my employer values me and my overall happiness. That being said, the job can get intense, so there are days when I find myself craving a beer to unwind like Steve. End confessional bloggy side note.

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