Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Daily Sketch #54

Image Comics & Making Good

Sorry for the lack of posts on Friday and Monday. I was up in Saratoga Springs for a wedding this weekend and my lack of planning ahead precluded my posting on those days. I should start planning ahead and delivering instead of apologizing.

Over the weekend I read quite a bit of George Khoury's book from TwoMorrows' Image Comics: The Road to Independence. It's a really good read and interesting for me as someone who's comic youth was during the big 90s boom and now as someone who works for Top Cow. Reading the founders' interviews along with other people who were in the thick of it during the heyday is pretty fascinating. And the main thing Khoury does incredibly well is get across that good or bad results, the Image days were a revolutionary and pretty magical time. Yes, these guys made some mistakes but they certainly aren't to blame for the "downfall" of the industry. They made widespread creator independence a reality and their legacy will be felt for years to come. Inspired by this I did a quicky sketch of Ripclaw channeling the new look Tony Moore and Jason Aaron have developed for the new Pilot Season issue.

And a bonus "make good" or "I'm sorry" sketch of Bill from Dead Inspector. I think he might be in a coffee shop, writing and enjoying a hot cup of java.

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