Thursday, January 24, 2008

Daily Sketch

52... What the?!

Okay first the sketch - more Ashley warmup sketch action. Dig it.

Okay, now to the subject line of the post. I just finished reading "52" from DC Comics last night. Four volumes of trades, 52 issues, a weekly comic series. First, the good - I respect what they accomplished. They managed to put out a weekly comic book for an entire year without missing a week. The issues were dense and jam packed. They got four of the biggest writers in the biz to co-write a series together. They managed to convince the bulk of the comic buying public that they NEEDED to read about a half dozen second or third tier DC Universe characters.
Here's the problem. I invested a fair amount of time reading these and consider myself to be a pretty firmly entrenched DC geek. Crisis on Infinite Earthes is an all time favorite series of mine. I read the History of the DC Universe books and the Who's Who books for Christ's sake. But at the end of it, I was left saying, "So what?" The story didn't move me and I found myself wondering frequently "Why am I reading this?" I kept thinking that perhaps given the caliber of writers involved that at some point it would hit a tipping point and everything would come together. But it never happened. Man, if I'd spent the $156 to buy the individual comics at retail (not counting all the ridiculous tie ins), I would have been angry. Fortunately, I didn't so I'm just disappointed.
Am I missing something? I really wanted to like this...

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