Friday, January 04, 2008

Daily Sketch #144

I am TV's Black Widow

I'm not sure why but many of the quality shows I get into seem to get cancelled. I've lamented previously over the cancellation of shows like Traveler, The Black Donnellys, The Nine

and Drive. All well writte shows, good casts, and looked like they had a solid push from the networks. All cancelled within their first season.
Most recently I got hit with a 1,2 punch from network land when I heard they cancelled Journeyman and 4400. Journeyman wasn't a huge surprise, it's a new show that I just got into. We even played it safe and Tivo'd the entire season before watching one episode. And it was good, REALLY good! The acting was superb, the story interesting, and the conceit of the show interesting. Nonetheless it nearly ruined D's Christmas when she found out.
The 4400 was a bit more of a surprise. The show was going into its fifth season, seemed to be on a roll and as far as I can tell was one of USA's original series that had a solid fan base. I've talked about how brilliant I think the show is and how fearless they seemed to be in making changes in the storyline. I started a sketch yesterday of Jordan Collier (as requested by Elena) and have included it below. Not really happy with it so I'll probably continue to work on it or do another one soon.

I am television's black widow. Keep your shows away from me.
On a personal level this weekend will mark the first time my parents and D's parents meet. We're having them over to the house for the weekend and hopefully all will go well.


Danielle said...

My sister said that under no circumstances are you to watch "Dexter"-- she will not forgive you. It will take her some time to get over the whole "Journeyman" thing!

Oh, and it was the cancellation of the 4400 that almost ruined Christmas. They have not wrapped it up for us! I hate being left hanging and I LOVED that show!

Elena said...

Filip! The sketch looks good, recognized Jordon before reading your post. Terrible news about the 4400. First Firefly then Threshold, now this. All the intelligent shows never last.

On another note... why aren't you allowed to watch Dexter? The show is cleverly written and his thoughts are so real; he represents the battle between good and evil that we all have within us.

You should watch, sorry Danielle.

Happy New Year btw to the both of you!

Elena said...

Nevermind that Dexter comment somehow I missed this line "I am television's black widow. Keep your shows away from me." I need sleep.