Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daily Sketch #161


Part of a page in progress for Dead Inspector where David and Ashley share a quiet couple moment. Enjoy.

Last night, my buddy Joe and I paid homage to 80s maniliness and grabbed some ribs for dinner and then went and plopped out $10 down to see "Rambo". Oh, wow... was it awful. But awesome awful, filled with ridiculous gore and blood. Stallone (who also directed and co-wrote) didn't miss a single chance to show your decapitations, maimings, or guts. Did you miss that head flying off, don't worry just give it a minute. Plus the obligatory machine gun scene was even more absurd than the last Rambo movie. And prior to the Rambo induced carnage beginning, Stallone made sure you knew the bad guys were REALLY bad, that way no matter what Rambo did to them you would feel they had it coming. I leave you with a picture of Sly in gentler days...

The icing on the cake of seeing Rambo last night was two awesomely bad trailers that ran before it. Enjoy "Midnight Meat Train" and "Doomsday"!

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