Thursday, December 20, 2007

Daily Sketch #139

Chimera Design

I've been working on a project in between working on my main art and writing efforts tentatively called "Project: Chimera". The sketch below is a development sketch of one of the main characters - a retired badass general. I wanted him to look old and grizzley, but I think he ended up looking Asian somehow. Still, I like the drawing.

I took Ender back to the vet yesterday and unfortunately his claw wasn't getting better with the antibiotics. So I had to leave him at the vet so they could perform a surgical amputation of his one claw to prevent further infection. I felt horrible about it, leaving the poor little guy there and the thought of taking one of his claws. I can't imagine what it must feel like to make choices like that for your kids. The good news is that I spoke with the vet yesterday afternoon and Ender was doing quite well, the surgery went great and the vet believes there were signs that the claw had broken which would have explain the infection. He was confident we made the right choice to remove it and said Ender was resting comfortably. While he was out we also gave him a thorough teeth cleaning so he should have fresh kitty breath upon his return. I'll be headed over later today to pick him up and bring our little man home for some seriously needed TLC.

My good friend and ex-professor Jose Villarubia is the subject of a "My Baltimore" video. A great look at my friend and the city of Baltimore. Check it out HERE.

Lastly, if you are a comic fan you should definitely head over to where Top Cow is letting fans decide which two characters will get their own series in 2008. Voting is open until mid-January and fans can vote as many times as they like American Idol style.

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Danielle said...

He is a brave little monkey, my love. I know we made the right decision and now his little paw won't be in so much pain. I can't wait until he gets home! He's going to feel like celebrity kitty with all the attention he's going to get!! :o)