Friday, December 14, 2007

Daily Sketch #137

Painting in Progress

I started working on the painting for my mom of her dog, Toby (look back earlier in the blog entries for preliminary sketches). Here's a shot of it in progress.
Not too shabby. I think I may have laid down some of the darker colors too early, but cut me some slack I haven't painted in about 8 years. I think this will end up being a mixed media piece. Right now it's mostly acrylics.

D and I are off to LA until Tuesday for the Top Cow Christmas party. Woot! Looks like we picked the right weekend to go out of town, it's supposed to snow and be in the 30s all weekend here on the East Coast. In Cali it's going to be a comfy in the mid 60s. Right on.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Duuuude! This is awesome so far man! Wow, you are the artiste savant.

Send some of that Cali weather our way won't you?

Have a Great Time Man!