Friday, December 07, 2007

Daily Sketch #133


Jump spinning crescant kick, my friends. Watch out. This guy knows karate.
Just a quick warmup sketch for fun. Did some jump kicks in training last weekend and it inspired the drawing.

I've been re-reading Ex Machina Volume 1 by Brian K Vaughn (or BKV as he's now more frequently referred to) and Tony Harris. The first time I read it a couple years ago I wasn't that impressed. It was okay I thought, but nothing spectacular. I'm about half way through the first volume again and I gotta say, I may have been wrong. The first issue was a pretty spectacular setup by BKV and despite not really having any action the story moves along at a quick pace. And Tony's art is always exceptional. Maybe it's just that I've read Runaways and Dr Strange: The Oath recently, but BKV is quickly moving up my chart. I know, I'm only 3 years behind. But hey, better late than never. I guess I have to get Y: The Last Man next...

The X-Box 360 is returning home today from its trip to the doctor. Unfortunately I have a lunch meeting and I have no doubt that the UPS man will wait until I leave the house to attempt his delivery. He's crafty that way.

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