Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Daily Sketch #136

Another Page in Progress Update

Here's another look at the page in progress. Going to take a break on working on this page for a little bit as I work up a piece for a Christmas gift. More to come soon.

Pretty happy with the guys' expressions in this panel.

Poor Ender (my cat) injured his front paw a couple of days ago and the trip to the vet yesterday was one of the saddest I've ever been present for. They had to clean it and bandage it which I think was akin to torture for my little guy. He ended up being very sad and pathetic for the rest of the day as he limped around like a busted up boxer with his paw in a bandage. This morning he managed to get the bandage off. He's much happier but it means having to soak his paw in a warm water bath a couple of times per day. Just what we needed before leaving for a long weekend trip to LA this weekend.

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Tchochke said...

Filip, You'd better take good car of my baby boy, or you may not see your birthday present this year...