Friday, October 12, 2007

Daily Sketch #97

I am Iron Man

It's Superhero Friday. For anyone who hasn't seen the Iron Man trailer with Robert Downey Jr., you should check it out. Downey totally gets the character of Tony Stark. And the Iron Man suit (the modern one) looks awesome. Plus they included Black Sabbath at the end. Rock.

I was thinking if Tony Stark was a real person he would be Richard Branson. I could totally see Sir Richard putting on a flying metal suit.

Also check out the trailer for The Golden Compass. Fighting warrior polar bears, angry monkeys, and Sam Elliot. I'm in.
Lastly, I'm looking at getting out of my Verizon contract. Apparently new fed regulations say that if you can find someone to take over your mobile contract your wireless provider can't charge you an early termination fee. I have a year left on my Family Share plan with 2 phones, which I'll throw in for free for anyone who wants the contract. You can find out more HERE.

(yes, I want an iPhone).

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Jeremy said...

Check the novel series for "The Golden Compass", called "His Dark Materials" by Phillip Pullman. The first book is the best, but you might enjoy them all. They get weird by the end, but it's an interesting story about twisted morality, religion, authoritarianism... sort of like the modern Republican party.