Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daily Sketch #48

More Alec King

Another quick warmup sketch of Alec King, the star of Forever Man. Still working on getting this project off the ground, so more on it later.

My apologies for the lack of sketch yesterday, I was off at the American Library Association show in Washington DC. The book and library shows definitely have a different vibe than comic shows, so it was an interesting experience. I had a good time and got to hang out with my buds Joe Keatinge ("I'll have a fancy blue drink with a star fruit in it"... that's me. In case you were wondering), Jim Demonakos, and Alan Payne. Jim did a doodle of me at dinner last night and for your viewing pleasure here it is -

I did one of Jim as well, so check out his blog later this week to check it out. Plus his blog is more entertaining than mine.

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Danielle said...

HAHAHA-- thats so funny. I love it!