Monday, June 04, 2007

Daily Sketch #38

Clark Kent by request

Following my All Star Superman inspired sketch, I thought I'd post my take on Clark Kent at D's request. I don't think it's my definitive take, but not bad for my first crack at it.

I just got back from BEA in New York and I had a fabulous time. It was my first time at the show and I took D with me. She did some sightseeing in Manhattan on Friday and checked out the show on Saturday (resulting in us lugging around an extra box of free books to the train station). We had a great dinner at Del Posto on Friday night and another fun one at Carmine's on Saturday night with some of the awesome Image creators that were at the show.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

I like the way he looks, especially his hair and square frames. I also like that he looks a little slumped over- like he is unsure of himself.
PS- you loved lugging around the extra box for me. :o)