Friday, June 22, 2007

Daily Sketch #47

Sketch, thumbnails, vacuums, & pure rock

Sorry about the lack of sketches this week. I got back from Wizard World Philadelphia and then on Wednesday took off again out of town to visit my boy John in North Carolina. The reason for this 5.5 hour impulse drive? Rush, one of the most kickass classic rock bands of all time, was playing near Raleigh-Durham and John had an extra ticket. The two of us have been wanting to see Rush live since we were wee high to a grasshopper and heard "Roll The Bones" for the first time. Getty, Alex, and Neil did not disappoint.

Today's sketch is of one of my characters Alec King, the Forever Man. More on this later.

And as a bonus to make up for my lack of post, here's a look at some thumbnails from Dead Inspector. I don't usually give a look at this part of my process, so I thought it'd be a cool extra today. Oh, and we just bought our Dyson. It totally lives up to the hype. Totally. It turns out years of research really does build a better vacuum.

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