Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Daily Sketch #46

Bermuda Jackie

An alternate look at Top Cow's Jackie Estacado...

Back from WizardWorld Philadelphia, where I had a really good time and the company had a kickass showing. We brought the noise and the funk, as did the dueling Marvel booth and clothing company with the DJ behind us. It was great to hang out with industry friends and I even managed to do the few things I wanted to in Philly - all you can eat sushi and running up the stairs at the Art Musuem like Rocky while "Eye of the Tiger" blared on my ipod. All and all, good times, but an exhausting show particularly the four hours of tear down I did solo and the hour of traffic I ran into outside of Chester, PA on the way home. Which is why there was no post yesterday... I just needed to rest.

1 comment:

Rob said...

Wussy. A real man would have put up the booth by himself, not just taken it down. And by taken it down, I mean put the dismantled pieces into their proper containers.

Tell the unions you worked solo. That'll show 'em.