Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daily Sketch #206

Darkness Design

Just messing around with a random design for The Darkness. And you are the first to see it! 
Sorry about the delay in posting lately, San Diego Comic-Con is an evil, brutal mistress. It's over now and we had a fantastic show. There's plenty of news across the net, but the highlights included the casting announcements for The Magdalena film, the director announcement for the Witchblade film, and the announcement that we're doing a comic with Heroes' Milo Ventimiglia and his production partner, Russ Cundiff called Berserker. Personal highlights included seeing old friends, meeting Randy Couture and separately meeting Megan Fox, dinner at Ruth's Chris with the best editorial crew in comics, and tacos at Fred's. 

Check out my national televised debut on G4's coverage of Comic-Con. I think it came out really well.


Anonymous said...

Excellent sketch Dude, and even more excellent is your news and tv Debut! :D WOHOO!!

How'd you guys do with the earthquake?


Anonymous said...

Very Cool Man! Filip Sablik: Publisher. NICE!!
"It's Super Cool!"