Thursday, July 17, 2008

Daily Sketch #205

Ah, San Diego

The two to three weeks before San Diego Comic-Con are the most stressful and jam-packed of the year for me. It's pretty much non-stop work and wondering what you've forgotten to get taken care of. Is it any wonder we binge drink for a week while down there for that particular con?

Anyway, that's my excuse for the infrequency of blog updates lately. San Diego.

Speaking of stress, my sketches today (I included a couple to make up for my infrequency) are drawings of grape vines and leaves I did for our wedding invitations. I really have to start designing these ASAP.

Despite this I did take some time out last night to play video games. Take that responsibility!


John_Bivens said...

I'm almost scared of what condition I may see you in there. Also, from the way that any pros I know talk about this, it does have me a lil bit nervous for my first trip out.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the wedding invitation stage. I remember that. We hired a caligrapher who was VERY conservative and when we described our wedding as having a PAGAN feel she got VERY CONCERNED and asked what we meant by PAGAN.... SATAN? ROTFL... oh lord.

Can't wait to hear your wedding stories. Everyone has them and they are all fun to hear! :P

See you at the show!



Filip Sablik said...

John - swing by the booth! Enjoy your first San Diego! It's a madhouse!

Chip - LOL. That's awesome. We haven't had anything quite that crazy, but certainly our share of fun wedding stories.

John Bivens said...

I'll actually be around your booth a bit, I'll be doing a signing at the Image booth not far away. Then if I read the map right Top Cow and ASP are right next to each other, and I gotta remind Smylie that he owes me a beer. If you wanna chat more about the possible project while your there I'm sure I'll be trying to tag along with whatever pros will have me for drinks, so we may be able to meet up while your numbing the pain of the convention.

Anonymous said...

Wow Dude,

Even your vine sketches kick ass :P NICE!
Congrats again on the up coming wedding bells! :D Wait, ..... will there be any bells? ...