Monday, May 07, 2007

Daily Sketch #21

Supergirl Redesign

Jumping on board with another one of Warren Ellis' Engine "Remake/Remodel" threads, here's my take on Supergirl. I decided to go with dark hair to match up a bit more visually with her cousin Kal-El pulled back in a ponytail so her hair stays out of her face when she's flying. The rest of the costume is a bit pilot inspired with a little bit of teen fashion thrown in. Pilot-esque boots and most of the body covered up seemed to make sense for the flying bit. Instead of a cape, a red "hoodie" and instead of a skirt I figured a teenage girl would probably prefer some stylish jeans.

Back to work after taking Friday off for a wedding (congrats, Lee & Christy!) and playing my first golf game. Had a ton of fun... might have to do it again!

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Danielle said...

I checked out the Engine site and I really do like your supergirl the best. I think its very thoughtful what you have done with her hair and given her a pair of "skinny jeans" to show off the legs which she has no doubt been sculpting through her intense supergirl workouts. Even though she looks powerful, she still looks feminine... and very stylish. Nice job, love! -D