Monday, April 02, 2007

A New Leaf?


So, this weekend Danielle and I went to see Frank Warren of PostSecret speak at the American Visionary Museum. In addition to being a really cool inspiring presentation and art exhibit, it made me think about this blog and my infrequency at posting.
With that in mind, I've resolved to try and update it daily (barring out of town trips for work and such) with a new sketch. That way there's a little bit of a payoff for the 3 of you checking it regularly. And it'll serve as a good practice/warm up for me as I keep working on the current project ("Dead Inspector"). For the foreseeable future the majority of sketches will likely be tied into "DI"... unless I get bored and feel like drawing Superman. I doubt these will be as cool as Sean Phillips' or Mike Wieringo's sketches

Without further ado - an inaugural sketch of Steve from "Dead Inspector". Enjoy!


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