Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Daily Sketch #17

ENGINE REMAKE 4: The Green Lama

I decided to participate in another one of The Engine's "remodel" threads. This one is for a pulp character called the Green Lama. Here's the original description of the character - "College student Jethro Dumont spends 10 years in Tibet studying the secrets of meditation and returns with mystical powers. He now returns to Park Avenue and New York City to combat crime, evil doers and international enemies and with a magical Tibetan chant, he is transformed into the Green Lama."

My take on the character is - The latest Bollywood superstar hunk, Indraneel Khan, has arrived out of nowhere and soared to the top of the Bollywood social scene thanks in part to his rare and stunning green eyes. No one knows Khan's origins with the exception of his Sikh priest, Guru Pali. Utilizing information gained from his public persona's social interactions, at night Khan dons a fake beard and a traditional costume to combat crime, foreign influences, and social injustice utilizing mystic powers honed at a Tibetan monestary as - The Green Lama.

And in color today! Mostly because it's difficult to convey the whole "green eye" thing without it!

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