Monday, April 16, 2007

Daily Sketch #11

Better Late Than Never...

Hi Everyone,

Over on the Warren Ellis fueled Engine boards they've been doing a really cool Remake/Remodel thread on a weekly basis where they reinvent old characters in fresh ways. I thought I'd finally man up and do one of these and post it.

Here's my take on Miss Masque largely inspired by this portion of the description - "Miss Masque is the secret identity of Diana Adams, a young socialite who decides to fight crime and injustice in disguise."
The ultimate modern socialite, or certainly most visible in the US is Paris Hilton. So my re-imagining is (frighteningly) Paris Hilton fighting crime. This is only an example of what she might look like, because knowing Paris she would never fight crime in the same outfit twice. Complete with a Justin Timberlake inspired hat, big celebrity shades, and Diamond studded "MM" insignia. Her little dog would probably be her side kick. She wants to be a little disguised, but not really... she's looking for another 15 minutes.

As a side note, Paris has a very square jawline...

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