Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Daily Sketch #223

Vote, Vote, Vote!

It's Election Day. D and I spent two and a half hours this morning voting because they mis-entered our address into the computer when we registered. But both of us felt it was incredibly important to vote this year. Maybe it's because we both realized we'll likely have at least 1 kid while this next president and representatives are in office. Or maybe it's because we're scared by what we see happening around us with the economy, foreign relations, and other big topics. In any case, we encourage everyone to go out and made their voice heard. 

Here's a quick sketch from a pub in London where D and I had lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Dude,
the sketch is pretty neat. Plus its cool to know you had your sketch pad with you in the pub. Plus its also cool to know that you put so much thought into your vote.

To Citizen Fil!