Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Daily Sketch #87

Ashley is Worried

Ashley from "Dead Inspector" is a bit concerned. I'm not sure why, but it's probably that dangerous line of work her boyfriend David is in. Just a quick warm up sketch done on backing board this morning.
In other news, I bought two things during a trip to Best Buy yesterday - a webcam & headset and a copy of Halo 3. First, the webcam. It's a sweet Logitech notebook pro webcam which came with a carrying case and a headset. Pretty easy to set up and it worked well with Yahoo Messenger (supposedly works with AOL and Windows as well but I haven't tried it). The pictures below were taken with the webcam. But they really had me at their "easy to open" packaging. I HATE those plastic electronics packages where you need a circular saw and blowtorch to get the product out. This one just had a label which said "pull at this corner" and when you did it snapped that corner open easily. Genius!

Halo 3 - I enjoyed Halo and Halo 2. Halo 2 dominated many a week night for me and my roommate at the time. Halo forged and nearly ruined friendships during long night frag parties. But my time for video games is limited these days and I've yet to finish the last three games I got so originally I wasn't going to buy Halo 3. But then the talk started. Talk of how awesome it was going to be and X-Box Live get togethers. And dammit I don't want to be left out. So I went out at lunch during the launch day and picked up a copy. The funny thing is there was no huge line or shortage at my local Best Buy. A nice big display up at the front of store, but plenty of copies available. I got the special edition, not because of the extra "bonus" materials but because of the disc that promised to help set up my X-Box with my new HDTV for optimal performance. Which it did. Apparently I had my X-Box set up on the normal TV settings. That alone was worth the money spent because now my graphics look UNREAL. I put in about an hour on the game last night (a sign of maturity that I can pull away from a game in favor of sleep) and so far the graphics and interaction live up to the hype. They are stunning. I haven't noticed any big improvements in the game play itself, but it was a nearly perfect 1st person shooter in that respect to begin with. Some new weapons which are cool, but it's the graphics and story telling where the biggest leap happened. If anyone wants to hook up on XBox Live my handle is "Frutti Di Beppo". That's right. Respect!

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