Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Change is Coming

Hi Everyone,

I know the posts have been far and few in between this year. It's amazing how disruptive a change in the routine can be even when you want to do something.
The good news is I believe I've found a way to incorporate this into my daily pattern again and hopefully take my little doodles to a wider, larger audience. As of the New Year, you'll be seeing a weekday sketch from me on the Top Cow Blog under some clever heading. I'm going to try and continue to aggregate it through this blog as well, but you may need to sign up for the Top Cow blog if I can't get that to work. 

I'm very excited to start drawing again!

Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year to one and all! 


1 comment:

technogreek said...

I'm excited, looking forward to it bud!