Monday, June 16, 2008

Daily Sketch #194

Bevy of Sketches

I spent the weekend in Hollywood at the Gnomen Live event at the Gnomen School. The Gnomen School is a technical school focusing on training artists for movie production, story-boarding, special effects and animation, and video game production. Rob and I sat in the recruiting room and checked out portfolios and talked to attendees about Top Cow. It was good fun and one of our artists, Kenneth Rocafort, was a guest of the event and did a presentation and live art demo. He brought the awesome. All of this coupled with some quiet moments during the seminars let me whip up quite a few sketches. Here's the first of a week's worth I got done at the event.

It's Joe Davis from one of my projects coming soon. I owe my penciler a script, which I've been working on this weekend. Probably would help if I didn't keep re-writing it...

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Anonymous said...

Kudos on the sketches friend! It was probably your adrenaline being up that kept your brain abuzzing when you hit the sack. Nothing like some solid sketching to while away the night.

Till Next Time!