Wednesday, November 08, 2006

off to Texas

Hey Gang,

I'll be at WizardWorld Texas this weekend for the day job. Should be a good time and I've never been to Texas (other than connecting through Dallas and Houston on the way to the West Coast) so I'm curious to see how Texas BBQ stacks up against Carolina. Swing by the booth if you're in the neighborhood.

Take care,



MikeV said...

Fil! Dunno if you remember me from MICA way back in the day.. Freshman year actually. I lived with Pete, Hui and Dan in the commons, was friends with your annoying ex girlfriend Danielle;) I saw your name mentioned on and immediately thought "Is that the same guy". Upon further inspection, it is you. It's good to see you're working in the industry. I was attached WotC for a while, now I'm doing concept art, illustration and package design freelance.

Filip Sablik said...

Hey Mike! Cool to hear from you. Hope you're doing well.